Tempest Video prides itself on our ability to combine 20 years of branding and digital marketing experience with 20 years of professional video production and editing experience. Given this combined skill set, we not only help you produce great videos, we can help fine tune the message and guide you on maximizing their use, whether on your website, in social media or offline.

Our videos aren’t just a piece of content. We aim to produce compelling, insightful “stories” that provide education, engagement and calls to action.

Tempest Video offers a complete suite of professional video services at budget pricing.

Scripting and Pre-Production

• Project Scheduling

• On-screen Talent Acquisition

Full-scale Video Production

• 4K Video/Audio Shoots

• Lighting & Sound

• Post Production Editing

• Graphics and Effects

• Voiceovers

Video Marketing Strategy

We The People Series

Tempest Video works with municipalities in the Chicagoland area to help them create engaging video content about their people, places, projects and other points of interest they would like their residents to know about.